Review Policy

I am currently accepting requests to review books from authors and publishers. A few things to note before contacting me:
  • Although the main focus on my blog is MG/YA and I prefer those genres, I will gladly read and review books based in fiction.
  • I will only try to accept books that I honestly think I will like. However, if I receive a book that I cannot finish, no review will be posted.
  • I'm not guaranteed to like all books that I receive. If I do not like a book and my review is a negative one, I will contact you prior to posting my review and allow you to make the decision on whether I post it or not.
  • I am also willing to do any other kind of promotion (giveaways, author interviews, ARC tours, etc).
  • I cannot promise how long it will take me to read/post a review as life is unpredictable, but if there is a specific date you would like to have a review posted by, please let me know and I can move it to the top of the pile.
  • If you'd like me to review a book that is part of a series I have not previously read, I will ask for the books that precede it and review those as well.
Any requests can be sent to me at CrystalClearReading (@)


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