Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Blog

I think it's safe to say I suck at blogging. As much as I'd like to have a blog dedicated to one thing, I really don't think that's going to happen because I tend to get bored with it easily, which is why I named my blog Crystal's Chronicles. This way, I can make it whatever I want, whenever I want.

As you can tell I've blogged about 3 different things in the past (and not very consistently). Those things are books, Project 365, and gearing myself up for weight loss. So my goal for 2010 is to blog each day at least once because I'm going to see these three things through. Call it my quest if you will.

I've decided to re-start Project 365 starting tomorrow, December 31st.

As far as the books go, I've read a lot of great books in 2009 and wish I'd documented some of them in here. Later today I'm going to start my book reviews with the last book I finished. As time goes along, I may re-visit past books I've enjoyed.

My biggest obstacle this coming year is definitely going to be weight loss and eating healthier. I hate not feeling comfortable in my own skin so here starts my journey in remedying that.

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  1. Good luck with the blog in 2010! You and I will both be better bloggers this year :)



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