Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forget You - Jennifer Echols

I have been wanting to read Forget You by Jennifer Echols since I first found out about it, so when I saw an opening on an ARC tour, I added my name immediately.

Forget perfect, seventeen year old Zoey is just trying to keep things together. Her dad knocked up his 24 year-old employee/girlfriend and her mom tried to commit suicide. After being forced to stay with her dad, Zoey takes off to the end of the summer beach bash with her co-workers. While there, she decides to hook up with her friend, and playboy, Brandon.

A few days later Zoey is in an accident and only remembers being pulled out of the car by none-other than Doug, the boy who hates her. The next morning Doug shows up at her house and can't seem to keep his hands off her and leaves Zoey wondering what exactly happened the night of the accident.

Suddenly Doug is showing up everywhere and is actually being friendly towards her. Not wanting to admit she can't remember anything about the night of the accident, Zoey starts fishing for information from friends that could help her piece the night together but isn't having much luck. For a girl who likes to maintain a well organized exterior, she's certainly losing control of the things around her.

Wow, was this book good and if you like your books with steamy scenes, I think this one's for you. The sexual tension in this book just kind of leapt off the page.

The chemistry between Zoey and Doug was very palpable and it was nice reading about a love interest who came from a different heritage than just being all-American. I really liked Zoey and Doug together, part of the reason being that they seemed to understand each other so well.

I really enjoyed reading this book but there were some parts that made me want to knock Zoey upside the head. Which is what I'd do to my best friend if she acted that way. I mean, you think you and a boy are together after you park with him and you know he's a playboy? Without even asking him? Come on. I do see what might make her keep saying "I'm with Brandon," though. Zoey's mother brought her up thinking that you shouldn't let people see you fall apart and what's more put together than being smart, captain of the swim team, and dating a hot football player?

The one thing I absolutely hated about this book was the dad. I thought the dad in Hate List was bad but he seemed like a saint compared to Zoey's dad. Who in the world tells their daughter that if she can't remember he'll lock her up in the looney bin? Echols did a fantastic job at making him a jerk because I read this book almost two weeks ago and I STILL hate him. 

I couldn't put this book down and after reading it, I really want my own copy. Bonus? Jennifer Echols lives in Birmingham so I'll be supporting a local author! I love doing that.

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  1. If you haven't read Echols' Going Too Far yet, that's my favorite of her books. Actually, one of my all-time favorite books ever--YA and overall.



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