Monday, August 23, 2010

Skip A Starbucks Day

I don't think I mentioned to all of you that I was going on vacation (most likely a post on that later), but I'm back and I have a cause for you all to help with.

I'm going to summarize as best I can, but for the full story please visit C.J's blog and start reading. If you don't feel any feelings after reading it, you should book a trip to Oz.

C.J was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and is now unable to have any more children of her own. So in 2005, she and her husband decided to adopt a little girl from China. Next month will be 5 years since they started the adoption process and Johanna Faith has yet to make it home. In the meantime, China raised all their fees and now C.J and her husband need to raise $8,000 in order to get their little girl and this is where skipping Starbucks comes in. Take the $5 you would normally spend at Starbucks and donate it to C.J and her family. They're not asking for much, just $5. If helping out a family in need is not enough motivation, your $5 donation will allow you to enter contests for some pretty awesome prizes.

Just head over to C.J's blog, fill out the form, donate, and enter. Super easy.

I'm not a super awesome author or blogger like most of the others, however, I DO have some small things to giveaway. If you donate and leave a comment telling me so, I'll pick a winner (that I will hopefully be able to confirm with C.J about) and send you a few bookmarks and Mockingbird swag I picked up at Kathryn Erskine's book signing. 

So what are you waiting for? I donated, will you?

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  1. Thanks for blogging about this donation opportunity. I donated and created a posting on my blog. :)

    I hope their daughter comes home to them soon.



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