Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to be Popular - Meg Cabot

I have officially read my first Meg Cabot book. I picked up How to be Popular earlier this week because 1) it was a stand-alone book and 2) I wanted something of an easy read.

How to be Popular follows sixteen year old Steph Laundry as she tries to shed a phrase that has haunted her for five years. As she helps her best friend, Jason, clean out his grandmother's attic, she comes across a book on how to be popular and decides to give it a go.

As long as she follows the instructions in the book, she's guaranteed to make it into the A-club.

While I enjoyed this book and appreciated Steph, Jason, and Becca, How to be Popular was kind of predictable, I saw the ending coming from a mile away. Girl strives to be popular, girl gets in with the coveted "in" crowd, girl realizes things were better before.

One thing I really liked about Steph was that she was nice, even when it was hard. Her brief stint never changed how she acted towards others and the very end (literally, last page) had me thinking how nice she really was. If I were in her position and someone treated me like that, there's no way I'd even try to be nice. This was definitely a cute book and I look forward to reading more by Meg Cabot.

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