Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine Award

Well look what I've been nominated for, a Sunshine Award.

Aimee at Our Family- From Scratch was kind enough to nominate me for this award. As young as my blog is, it's nice to know that people DO read it and even if it is just Aimee that I can make someone smile.

So in accepting this award I will nominate twelve other people who bring the smiles. Most of these will most likely be repeats of the last award, but that's because I really love them.

I'm nominating Annie's Eats and Bakerella because I love what they do in the kitchen. If I can do half the stuff they do when it comes to baking, I can consider myself accomplished in that area.

The following list is comprised of some of my favorite nestie blogs, all of which contain something book related. I love these blogs and if I had to give up reading any of them I think I would die a little on the inside.

Because Perfection is Boring
Book Hooked
Forever Young
Lovely Little Shelf
My life: Uncensored
See Heather Write
The Simple Things
What the Blog?

Steph Su Reads is basically just an amazing book blog and should speak for itself.

Reading, Writing, Rachel is the blog to debut author Rachel Hawkins. Reading her blog makes me excited for her book because her blog is witty and I love the fact that she has interviews with her characters. It also doesn't hurt that she's an Auburn fan.

So there you have it, these are the blogs I think need to be checked out ASAP.



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